Our works

AMLOR is specialized in designing, studying, making and mounting of welded assemblies in boilerworks, Industrial piping, metallic structures, locksmith’s trad, industrial or public gateways and access, production unit and various Turnkey projects for plant layout.

We operate in many activities area: Aeronautics, Cryogenics, Metallurgy, Paper industry, Petroleum Industry, Petrochemistry, Waterproofing, Agri-food, Navigation, etc.
Discover below some examples of our achievements:

Steel structures

(Mechanical welding, piping racks and other frames and supports)


(hoppers, tanks, etc.)

Piping and instrumentation

(steel, stainless steel, double casing)

Production Units

(Special Machines, Prototypes, Industrial machine frames and Mechanical functions Integration)


(guardrails, stairs, maintenance bridges)

Civil engineering structures

(pedestrian and bicycle gateways)